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  Bird Snatchers!
Bird Snatchers!
Bird Snatchers! is a whimsical game of cats who have invented a flying machine to catch birds. Easy to fly, quick to learn, but hard to master!
"Charming piece of gamefoolery..." says

  Urban Chopper Rescue
Urban Chopper Rescue
Urban Chopper Rescue is a fast-paced helicopter rescue game that is a combination of Choplifter and "lander" games - Play this exciting and challenging six level demo and see how many people you can rescue and how many fires you can put out. Retail version for Windows PCs is here.

Mep Ball is a fun cross between Kick-Ups and Basketball staring Odd Todd's Mep. Score 1,000 and set Mep free with a big bonus cartoon. Look for Elf Up to help you out and try for the lightning round!

StarMonger - Think Risk, but in space
StarMonger is a space-based strategy game. (Think 'Risk', but in space). Colonize planets, and take control of the universe away from the computer-controlled enemy ships and star systems. Each star system has it's own window that you can open, move, minimize and close. Downloadable PC version available!

  Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator - A technical game
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is a technical game that teaches the basics of how a nuclear plant works and gives the player the opportunity to try running it. It's not as hard as it sounds but it certainly is challenging. PC and Pocket PC versions available!

  Lemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand - A business game for kids
New - version 1.6! Lemonade Stand is a simple business game for kids. This is the first game that I made with Flash. Used by many schools to teach elementary business principles and number crunching. PC and Pocket PC versions available!

  Flashteroids 2001
Flasteroids 2001 - Asteroids and Lunar Lander for the Holidays
Flashteroids 2001 is a cross between Atari Asteroids and Lunar Lander with a Christmas-theme. Shoot the ornaments and land down at the base for supplies. Watch out for the little one, it shoots back. Pocket PC version available!

  Cookay Slots
Cookay Slots
Cookay Slots is a big ol' slot machine chock full of Odd Todd goodness. It pays out in cartoons, easter eggs, music and it will even give you a fortune once in a while.

Hendroids is dedicated to the Phil Hendrie Radio Show and features many voice clips from the comic genius himself. Fun for everyone but especially funny if you happen to have heard his show before.

See Also: Trinity's Shoot the Rock, Odd Todd's (Bad) Memory Game & Psychic TeeVee, Flashteroids1999 and W.W.II Pacific Theater Carrier game "Midway" (in progress, sort of).

All games ©1999-2015 Geoffrey Noles, AE4RV. All rights reserved.
Many of the games are available for download to play on PCs.
Contact me with any questions you have.

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