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Updated Games Store, Bird Snatchers!, Urban Chopper Rescue, Mep Ball


Games: Urban Chopper Rescue, Flashteroids 2001, Lemonade Stand, Nuclear Power Plant, Starmonger, Mep Ball

Amateur Radio: The famous HF Radio Propagation Primer, Links, Educational Resources, Virtual Bug (Vibroplex)

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Downloads - calendars, wallpaper, Flash examples, stuff

Games - all the games
Bird Snatchers! - newest game - whimsical cats vs. birds action
Urban Chopper Rescue - arcade-action game
Flashteroids99 - my first arcade-style Flash game (it's OLD!)
Flashteroids 2001 - an update to the first one, a bit more sophisticated
Hendroids - yet-another-asteroids-clone, featuring Phil Hendrie
Lemonade Stand - my first Flash game ever
Mep Ball - created with Odd Todd, mixes Kick-Ups with basketball
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator - a technical game
StarMonger - single-payer strategy game, think Risk, but in space

Links - friends, family, interesting sites

Portfolio - some cdrom and internet stuff that I am proud of

Store - pc and pocket pc games - more to come...