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THIS SITE grew out of a hobby and portfolio site that I made to share information and showcase my Flash games and interactive presentations. Traffic has increased steadily over the years to the point that I had to get a better host (twice) with more available bandwidth. These days even my new host is getting overwhelmed by traffic from all over the world and I will need to get another, more expensive host soon. Many people play the Flash games every day. Some schools have incorporated my Lemonade Stand game in to their curriculum. Ham Radio Operators and even Military Personnel use the Propagation Primer to learn how High Frequency radio works. I enjoy making Flash games and presentations and I want to keep sharing them with everyone. Keeping the server up and covering the bandwidth usage costs money. Please consider donating ANY AMOUNT you want to. Even a buck or two can help. Thank-you.

Seriously, I would never insult you with pop-ups or pop-unders or anything like that.

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