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StarMonger is here for Windows PCs! Colonize star systems and battle the computer for control of the galaxy. This is a game of science fiction solitaire - sort of like Risk, but in space!

  • Highly customizable game play - 2 to 32 star systems and many options to choose from.
  • Three difficulty levels and four "fog-of-war" options can make gameplay very challenging.
  • Very easy to learn and play, but very challenging to win - especially on higher difficulty levels.
  • Easy, intuitive windowing system shows you info on any system.
  • Real-time play - fast or slow, and you can even issue orders even when game is paused!
  • Colonize, defend and attack multiple star systems, all with your mouse.

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StarMonger requires any PC with Windows 98SE+, Windows XP or Vista (Vista requires StarMonger to be run as administrator). Demo version has limited difficulty and fog-of-war options.
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