Happy ~100th Birthday, Vibroplex Bug!


'Virtual Bug' semi-automatic Morse Code sending device
I made this to help answer the answer the question: How does a Vibroplex semi-automatic Morse Code key work?

This is an interactive Flash movie to demonstrate the workings of a Morse Code sending device affectionately known as a 'bug'. I know that the 'DITS' are uneven, especially on slower computers - this is a Flash bug as far as I can tell - pardon the pun.

I received an email thanking me for this animation. It turns out that one of my former Amateur Radio mentors (an "Elmer", as we call them) purchased an old Vibroplex at a Ham fest and didn't know how to put it together or how it was supposed to work. He Googled this Flash piece and it showed him what he needed to know. Glad to help, Steve!

Thanks to Ken, KF4BAR, for giving me my first bug, which showed me how they work and enabled me to make this little simulator.

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