Bird Snatchers!
by AE4RV
 "Charming piece of gamefoolery" - newsletter #188 BIRD SNATCHERS STUFF - SHIRTS, MUGS AND MORE!

Birds have been taunting us cats for decades! Until now, the only way for us to snatch birds is when they are resting or walking. We have discovered new technologies that, when combined, will allow us to construct a flying machine. Using our new flying machine we hope to get up where the birds are and snatch them from the sky. As you are aware, catching birds is our highest priority.

To raise your balloon, press the SPACE BAR. If it gets POPPED, you can raise another one. You have three balloons. Control your flying machine with your CURSOR KEYS (arrows). If your cat-pilots get close enough to a bird they will snatch it. Don't let the birds poke your balloon with their beaks, we can not stress that enough. Good luck, cat-pilots! Snatch some birds!

Thanks to Charlie, Ben, Kelly, Skip and Anne for photos, ideas and support! Cats: Get BIRD SNATCHERS stuff here.

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